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PFA utilizes Christian based curriculum and strategically aligns instruction with the Florida B.E.S.T. Standards. Teachers use a variety of educational resources and learning strategies to position our students to excel academically and spiritually. Individualized learning plans, encouragement and support are key aspects to ensure that every student no matter their learning style is a successful and joyful learner. PFA students are inspired to learn. PFA is unique in that we are more concerned about our student’s learning through building on what they know, strengthening their weaknesses to ensure attainment of all necessary learning goals:


  • Small group

  • Hands on learning

  • Learning Centers

  • Individualized learning

  • Not pace driven, but attainment driven


A daily gathering of students and teachers to worship and receive guidance, encouragement through the sharing of bibical principles.

Kids in Church


Students develop a biblical worldview as it relates to various science concepts. Students learn where our world came from and how it has changed. They learn to defend the truth that God created all things and how to answer why people are important.



Equips students to master foundational math skills through hands-on manipulatives and sequential teaching that lead students from a concrete to an abstract understanding of mathematics


Literature Arts / Social Studies

Students go beyond learning about literature to learning how to interact with literature. Students develop a deeper understanding of their fellow man as they examine texts from different cultures, diverse authors and genres, and a range of time periods/

Students analyze and evaluate historical events, world cultures, and primary sources from a biblical worldview.

Art / Music/Electives

Every Friday is dedicated for students to participate in various electives, smaller group instruction, STEM, projects and science lab. Electives are on a rotating schedule.  


Physical Education

Classes promote instruction in physical exercise, fitness and freeplay.

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